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In astrology, we make continual observations of the planets, because they are in a constant state of movement, thus continually transiting from one sign to another. But, regardless of the differing details of individual chart, we can know with certainty that Saturn will make its mighty presence felt. The sun is the creator of light, and Chhaya is indicator of darkness.

Saturn partakes of the apparent physical characteristics of his mother and remains dark. Saturn, being so opposed in nature to this father, Saturn or Sani is said to be banished by the Sun. Whatever is touched by his hand becomes cold and whatever is seen by him undergoes contraction. It is said in the Puranas that the god Ganesh lost his head through the evil of his mighty planet, and afterwards an elephant head was transplanted in its place.

Thus Ganesh had insight and stalwart mind in facing Saturn. As a result of his strength and resolve, he achieved the position of divine being who is able to graciously assist the millions who turn to him for help. This understanding will assist us in facing what appears to be his dark hand.

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Saturn is usually described as dark in color because his powerful luminosity remains concealed from our common sight. The darkness of Saturn is nothing but solidified light. The essence of inert substances is undetected by our eyes, and what we cannot see or understand, we call dark or dead. This is the true secret of the fertility of the earth itself, which is composed of many such minerals made by untold centuries of destruction, turmoil, cataclysm and the resulting death of all life, animal, and vegetable.

Transformation of one life form into another is achieved as these substances are submerged under the earth and subjected to great pressure of an unfathomable length of time. This is the saturnine touch, the cold and seemingly cruel and heavy hand of almost unbearable duration, which makes life contract and break way.

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  6. Through this rude treatment they develop power and understanding. Their accumulated miseries reveal a luminous path to a deeper sense of humanity. Saturn shows them new light of a secret world and by dint of that light they make discoveries of many kinds for the benefit of the earth and its beings. All scientists, inventors, discoverers, explorers, martyrs, philosophers, religious leaders and social reformers, achieved their goals by the grace of this planet. Without the help of Saturn, one cannot become a thinker of a high order.

    It is thought to be the most judicious, unrelenting and impartial dispenser of the consequences of our past actions. It looks at us from the farthest point in the zodiac and pronounces its judgment. Thus, it acts with the attitude of unbiased, neutrality so terrifying to those of us who cling to our passions and attachments. It is concerned with fairness, justice, righteousness, right attitude and right conduct.

    It creates sorrow, suffering, deep discontentment and enmity with a view to teach the person the real truth of life. To some extent, the more a person suffers, the more he learns. As a result, we find in the life history of great persons in the spiritual, material and political fields, Saturn plays a more dominant role than any other planet. For them, failure becomes a pillar of their strength. Saturn is a slow moving planet and promotes stability. Although it will initiate things, it brings results very slowly. It gives gradual progress and equally gradual degeneration when it makes people suffer slowly.

    It gives gradual progress and equally gradual degeneration and when it makes people suffer, it makes them suffer slowly. Saturn is not a killer. It does not bring death, only suffering. Saturn is also a planet of modesty and service. It is loyal and dutiful. It is not egotistical and does not seek visibility. Saturn gives tenacity, perseverance and hard work.

    Because Saturn is concerned with duty and responsibility, it brings the profession to the forefront. Saturn wants the person to respect his duty and obligations in whatever field of activity the person is engaged. How did the ancients describe the characteristics of awesome Saturn? It is said his physical frame is lean, tall and hairy with long nails and sharp eyes. He is eunuch. His element is the wind vayu. He is lord of the 36th year in horoscopy though in hoary astrology his affect is perceived after one year.

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    He rules over the 10th and 11th signs of the zodiac, known as Makara Capricorn and Kumbha Aquarius. In any horoscope, Saturn in Capricorn, Aquarius or Libra in the 1st house gives good characteristics, health, wealth and leadership. You may not have many friends in life. Saturn in Aries shows hurdles and problems in their professional and in family life.

    They may also give financial up-down. When Saturn in Aries is working under wisdom, there is great respect for the Law of Karma, and a reduction of beginnings which will drive the human soul more deeply into form. Saturn may give immense wealth from early age of life, generally Saturn knows for delay not gives easily anything but in this sign Saturn gives fast results.

    The native will be hard working and laborious in nature. He will have inclination with other women and may have relation with more than one opposite sex. Saturn in Taurus gives benefits from lands from the public interaction. Taurus is earthy sign and Saturn in earthy sign generally gives good results. Taurus Saturn does well in politics or business. The arts may hold some interest for them. Gemini Saturn generally gives par intelligence with communicative skill which proves beneficial in public domain.

    Saturn in airy sign delivers best result with constant growth. It will give chances of foreign residence and journeys. The native may remain away from his family. He may be humorous in nature and will be smart in his communication. Saturn in Gemini gives good physique. You will be tall. You have a tendency to get easily irritated over petty issues. You are skilled in everything you do. Saturn in Gemini can adapt to different situations easily, using a systematic and logical approach.

    You will be bold and diplomatic by nature sometimes will be aggressive during debate. You will not face any problems in expressing yourself. Saturn role in your career:.

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    You will be hard-worker and your hard-work will accept by all. Other side if this placement weak then it gives extreme worries in life always fickle mind, no stability in the life. It may give health issues during childhood. Weak Saturn in this sign gives trouble to mother unless until moon and 4th house well placed. He may be learned, deep thoughts, famous loved one of mother in all children. The spouse will be virtuous, and beautiful.

    You also have a suspicious nature. Your mind is always restless. They often have a strong relationship with their family members. Saturn in Vedic astrology horoscope makes the native good leader and inclined towards education. Although you have a generous heart, you will be cruel and disciplined by nature. You also have an aggressive nature, this combination may cause problems for you. If someone opposes you, it is in your nature to avoid him or her. They often want to be the leader. Saturn in Leo is strong-willed. They need to work on expressing their love for others and their humility. Saturn gives wealth or I can say this placement gives immense wealth.

    Saturn in Virgo in Vedic astrology may give slim physique. They may have some problems of health and progeny. He will be well versed in engineering and communication line. You have a shy nature. Employed one need to remain well focused at task on hand and aim at improving performance and output as well. You are able to manage routine and incidental expenses comfortably.

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    Middle aged and above may be troubled by pain in joints muscles. Take due care in this regard. The third and the fourth house is domain of Saturn for your sign. Saturn moves through the third house for your sign. Saturn moving through the third house has direct aspect over the ninth house, linked with luck in general and also eyes the 12 th house. Viewing this, favorable results of best efforts are to be delayed. Your patience is to be on test here.

    Saturn in Capricorn, Shani in Makara, planet Saturn in Capricorn zodiac,

    Business person needs to keep exerting and wait patiently to tide to turn your way. If inclined to change job, movement of Saturn is to support your cause. If being troubled by irregularity in blood pressure or being diabetic have a regular check up to keep tab on variation. You need to have effective check on unwarranted expenses and remain concerned about saving money for future needs.

    Saturn rules the second house and also holds portfolio of the third house for your sign. Saturn moves through the second house for your sign. Saturn moving through the second house, linked with finance mainly, is to make you wiser about handling finance. Some major expense related to family is envisaged.

    You need to plan finance with long term in view and keep enough provision for contingency. Business person is likely to have gainful time for most of the time here. Now seems supportive time to spend money for development to boost sales. Career oriented needs to remain well focused at task on hand try to improve performance give more output. Some minor health issue can trouble you.

    Treat the same with due remedial measures promptly to save from complication. Saturn is the ruler of your sign.

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    The second house is also domain of Saturn for your sign. Saturn moves through your sign now. This movement of Saturn leads to kind of stressful time for you. Keep your cool and plan for time ahead. You may incline to spend money to get some religious ritual to boost your prospects. Business person has to exert more and try to explore new territory to expand sales activities. Job holder is to be eager to get better placed and hike in remuneration. Your committed efforts are to be appreciated by higher ups.

    Middle aged and above needs to be careful about nagging old health issue. If being troubled by irregularity in blood pressure or being diabetic, have a regular check up to keep tab on variation and take due measure to keep things under control. Saturn rules your sign and also rules the 12 th house for your sign. Saturn moves through the 12 th house. The 12 th house is linked with expenses and financial loss and bedroom related activities as well.

    Student keen to go abroad for higher education is to succeed in achieve his objective.

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    4. This movement of Saturn is also supportive for business person to go for a short term visit to foreign country for finalizing a big ticket deal with a company based abroad. In regard to health you need to take due measures to keep digestive system in order. Middle aged and above need to remain careful about nagging old health issue. Refrain from taking undue risk to gain monetarily. The 12 th and the eleventh house are domain of Saturn for your sign. Saturn moves through the eleventh house, linked with Gain. You are likely to get encouraging opportunity to benefit monetarily.

      However, you may need to exert more to benefit from the opportunity coming up. Business person is able to run the show satisfactorily. Career oriented is to keep performing effectively. Progressive forces are to work effectively here. You are to remain in healthy financial position. In regard to health no major health issue is to catch up with you. However, middle aged and above need to take due care about nagging old health issue. If you diabetic or being troubled by irregularity in blood pressure have a regular check up to keep tab on any variation and then take measure to keep things under control.