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Top Astrologers in NZ. Christine Broadbent — A renowned astrologer with 30 years experience in astrological writing and consulting, Christine has been lecturing and consulting in New Zealand and the international scene since She is also an astrological writer for the Australian Wellbeing magazine which is a Bimonthly publication.

With over 40 years of national and international prominence, she became a member of ASNZ in the early 70s shortly after it was founded and has held the presidency position thrice. News: Welcome to the new Noel Tyl Forums. Home Help Search Login Register. But i don't know how to get a software with functions like "90 degree midpoint sort" and "Time flow table" in the book.

I am now using Astrolog32 and i don't know any software with those functions. Do i have to buy a disk or there's somewhere on net i can download it? Thank you very much. Noel uses Win-Star from Matrix, which is one of two reasons I use it. Most of my local peers use Solar Fire, and Solar Fire has a lot to recommend it. I prefer to keep my money in the United States, and I want to be able to talk to the developers if I need to express my feelings. Solar Fire was developed in Australia, which means that I would have to communicate with them via email.

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To answer your question, investing in good astrological software is the best idea if you are sincere about our craft. If it doesn't work out, you could probably re-sell your software. True astrology is that which can be taught to other people who can then replicate the teachers' conclusions through their own effort.

Crystal Blue Persuasion Newbie Posts: Hello Dcatcher, In the meantime if you would like to get a great 90 degree midpoint sort, you can get one on Astro. You can watch the tutorial "Predicting Accidents with Midpoints" for more information about this formula and how the AstroSignature Forecast Graph feature of Kepler is used to make these forecasts.

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Starting with Kepler 2. Financial Astrology and Quantitative Research in Astrology An amazingly powerful feature of the AstroSignature Forcast Graph and the Electional Astrology Graph is that you can plot actual performance data such as stock prices and the predicted data on the same graph and a value of how well the forecast predicts this data is provided for you! The most typical "performance data" is financial data such as stock prices or commodity prices but any measurable phenomenon such as temperature, rainfall, or batting performance of baseball players can be used.

In the Kepler software some stock and commodity data is provided.

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Frankly, this is a feature that is so progressive, sophisticated, and elegant that it sounds rather futuristic but is actually available now. This is not a feature that most astrologers are likely to use because most astrologers and students of astrology are likely to use because most people are interested in information about their own lives and lives of other people rather than predict the price of a stock, but for those people interested in predicting something measurable, this feature is wonderful.

There are two tutorial videos that explain how these features are used. The video How to Import Data and Select Peak Dates describes how you import financial data into Kepler and how you can graph the financial data and extract peak dates and import them into the database of charts in Kepler.

These peak dates can be studied with the research tools in Kepler to determine what astrological influences correlate with high prices. This video provides important information for financial astrologers. These financial research features have been used to develop the Dow Jones Industrial Forecast option and the Gold Price forecast options. Astrologers have also written papers on financial astrology based on research conducted using these forecasting features in Kepler.

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Graphic Ephemeris The graphic ephemeris is a wonderful way to see the movement of planets and to see when transiting or progressed planets aspect each other or aspect planets in a natal chart. The graphic ephemeris was popularized and is widely used by astrologers who use midpoints. In the cosmobiology school of astrology developed by astrologer Reinhold Ebertin the graphic ephemeris is very popular. However, a graphic ephemeris can be very helpful to astrologers who use almost any astrological methods.

http://jadhemarques.com/wp-content/kurikevyt/199.php The Graphic Ephemeris feature in Kepler is very flexible. You can include asteroids and you can place transits, progressed chart, and natal chart planets all in one graph.

You can select heliocentric or geocentric and also declination or latitude, as well as many other options. The tutorial "The Graphic Ephemeris" demonstrates the use of the Graphic Ephemeris and many of the options that are available. Shown below are four examples of the Graphic Ephemeris. Although the text ephemeris is not a graphic, we describe it here because it complements the graphic ephemeris.

Some astrologers prefer a text ephemeris rather than a graphic ephemeris. Of course many astrologers use both a graphic ephemeris and a text ephemeris but for those of you who are not interested in the graphic ephemeris but do use a text ephemeris, rest assured that a text ephemeris is also available. Text Ephemeris The Text Ephemeris feature is very powerful. You can produce an ephemeris for an asteroid, view monthly or yearly positions, change the time of day for the ephemeris, etc.

Many astrologers still purchase an ephemeris book but with the Text Ephemeris feature that is built into Kepler , many of these astrologers are realizing that they no longer need the book and it is easier and faster to browse through the Text Ephemeris feature in Kepler than to browse through a physical book. Back to Kepler. They will be processed by the next business day. Features of Kepler Introduction to Kepler.

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