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They often give the impression of being emotionally unstable, but they have the power to learn from their mistakes. They can see the funny side of even the most difficult situation.

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Blessed with a pleasing personality and happy disposition, January 13 natives are the envy of friends. They're witty and have the ability to make others feel good about themselves. Despite a reputation for being frivolous and fickle, they are stable and faithful. Partnership is important to them, and they are likely to marry young. January 13 natives have pride in what their family accomplished. They bring mostly happy memories from their childhood.

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As parents, these career-driven individuals can see the need to change priorities and come to grips with their nurturing side. To move forward with this, you need to understand what is the underlying cause. The only way to do this is to talk about it. You have to commit to doing this, or it will not work out favorably.

In business, you need to pick yourself up and carry on. You make life seem to easy otherwise. Never let them see you sweat.

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Zodiac Astrology Name: Date of Birth: January February March April May June July August September October November December 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 In conclusion, Capricorn , further your education if you think it will help you financially.

Now is the time to throw out any old baggage that has been weighing you down. Because you fear to be alone, you will more than likely marry younger than expected. The January 13 birthday personality will be good at resolving conflicts. January 13 Chinese Zodiac Ox. Your Ruling planet is Saturn that stands for delays and problems but which will help you learn a new lesson every day. Your Birthday Tarot Card is Death.

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This card symbolizes new beginnings from scratch and calls for ignoring your past actions. You are most compatible with people born under Scorpio: A perfect pair as the Scorpio matches the Capricorn in tenacity and stubbornness. You are not compatible with people born under Leo: This match can be supportive if they can overcome their differences of opinions. Number 4 — A number known for its management and organization skills.

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Number 5 — This number shows ambition, creativity, and an adventurous personality. Black: This color symbolizes, endurance, mystery, authority, power, and elegance. Blue: This color stands for freedom, creativity, intelligence, trust, and loyalty. Saturday — This is the day of Saturn and stands for productivity, hard work, problems, simplicity, and patience. Sunday — This is the day of Sun and stands for vigor, energy, enthusiasm, power, and authority. Garnet gemstone represents regeneration and a stable mindset with a tremendous passion for your loved ones.

A Blackberry or laptop for the men and an antique piece of jewelry for women. The January 13 birthday personality love to be technologically advanced as well as in touch with their roots.

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Tags capricorn january. Thank you very much Undesirable One thing is true.


Success in life will be delayed and they will have no one to celebrate their success with. Julianna Klingon UofA I agree that when hundreds of people kick the clown's face for big money and then hide behind their religious reputations, they are doing the work of good Christians. Shar This post hits home on the man I've fallen in love with!! Happy birthday my love!! Sheshe It's very accurate. I found this one paragraph hit home the hardest right now, I've been trying to understand why I am so unproductive lately and why I keep procrastinating my needs and dreams, being alone so long now, I lost my motivation and desire.

I'm a better person to myself when there is someone to share myself with. Anyway here's that paragraph I'm talking about Rose Everything is so true. I'm sure it is all accurate to her. Wewe I have been reading a lot of Horoscope about my day Scarab Very accurate!

here Just need to find love again my husband passed away suddenly 3 years ago so your comments regarding the emotional walls and desiring partnership hit home. Me in nut shell!! Katalizt I've been having problems with myself till today i found this, i now understand WHO i am.

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Indeed everything on here is true about me because i was born on 10 Jan. This is amazing but it's what i just needed for this day. Thanks very much. God bless you!!!! E1GHT Go capricorns! I accidentally found this site ,I want to purchase some jewelry and was checking around. But it is honestly confusing so many sites ,so many different answers. In any case this one seemed the most accurate. Randolph I learnt stuff about me I didn't notice n stuff I already knew But this is true, very true Bob Seems close. I'm a mental health counselor.

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Not too much money but I guide people and am grateful to do so. Chicagocode Truly accurate!! Happy Birthday to us. Val For the most part this describes me perfectly!! Happy birthday to me and to you all too. Cat Pretty much nailed it.. Your name:. Juliet Waoo,wonderful this is so real it explained well almost all my characters, kudos to you guyz I love this [Reply] [Cancel reply]. Thanks so much [Reply] [Cancel reply].

I'm in love with a guy born this same date and he is exactly like this [Reply] [Cancel reply]. Rose Everything is so true [Reply] [Cancel reply]. Happy Birthday to us [Reply] [Cancel reply].