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Welcome to this free horoscope tool. You can generate accurte horoscope chart with this tool. We haved used lahiri ayanamsa or thirukanitha for chart preparation. Western astrologers does not consider ayanamsa and prepare chart in sayana method as opposed to Indian Nirayana method. We need your birth details like date of birth, time of birth and place of birth to generate accurate birth charts.

We use the most accurate ephemeris for to calculate planet longitudes. Thus the prediction will be accurate and reliable. All Rights Reserved. AstroGuru Free Horoscopes. Analysis, Predictions. Privacy Policy. Our Consultants. Muthukumar B. Venkatachalan D. If anyone has the Sun in the 10th house that person was born close to the Noon plus or minus 1 hour from Noon. So by now you may have guessed that the angle between the Sun and the Lagna is directly related to the time of birth of a person. Another way of looking at this is consider Lagna as East.

What is on the East at Sunrise? Of course the mighty SUN. So Sun and Lagna will be together at Sunrise. If you know which sign is occupied at Sunrise, you can tell the Lagna. What is in the west at Sunset time?. It is the Sun. So Sun in the 7th house means the person is born at Sunset time. The above sample horoscopes are prepared in the South Indian format. Of the various formats available today this one is the easiest to understand.

If you try with other formats you may perhaps give up Astrology as other formats are very confusing and difficult to grasp. Before proceeding note down the position of each planet in your horoscope. The Lagna or Ascendant is always house no. Count clockwise from 2 to Fill out the following on a piece of paper:. Ask anyone if they too have all the about grahas planets in the same house as seen in your horoscope.

If you find one then it is most probably your twin brother or sister. Otherwise you are never going to see one that is same as your horoscope. Compare this with Sun signs. How many people have you met with the same sun sign as yours? Compare this with Moon sign as well. So you will understand that the Sun Sign or Moon sign does not make you unique. What makes you unique is your complete horoscope with the Ascendant. Sun and Moon are not planets. Rahu and Ketu are mathematical points or shall we say shadow points in the sky. What is the proof that Rahu and Ketu are real?

So in any horoscope if you see Rahu and Ketu on the same axis as that of Sun and Moon then the person was born during eclipse time or close to it. The gap between the 7 and 8 is intentional. The reason is that the 7 names pertain to the weekdays as well starting from Sunday and ending with Saturday.

So everyone in the world knows the 1st 7 planets because they use the weekdays all through their life. There are 12 houses in your horoscope. Remember this as equal to 12 months of a year. There are 12 hours in a clock. So the chess game battle of all human beings on earth will be played on the horoscope board with 9 pieces and 12 squares. First find out which house each of the 9 planets occupy.

Memorize them. Because this is your life. If that be the case you will surely have the following experience:. Sun is a hot graha. Lagna is the rising sign. So Sun in Lagna give the person all the influence that you expect a hot graha to do. Sun is central to the solar system.

Rasi v/s Lagnam

A person who is central usually has more ego than others except if He is a spiritually evolved person. If you see the Sun directly you will have temporary blindness. So Sun in Lagna can lead to severe eye problems and mostly may cause a person to become blind or born blind etc. If you walk in the hot sun especially in places closer to the equator, you will surely not be a in good mood.

You are most likely to do a lot of complaining. This is what you will do when Sun is in the 1st house. If you shake hands with a person and you feel that his hands are unusually warm then surely the SUN in his horoscope occupies the 1st house. Or Sun may be in the 7th house and looking strongly on the 1st house.

Both these conditions will make a person warmer. There are 12 houses and 9 planets in Indian Astrology. Do not read or encourage any author in Astrology who says there is a 13th house or there is the 10th planet.

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In any case Pluto was expelled. They have no role to play in our Karma. Moreover there are enough grahas in the horoscope. That is because the Karma of all human beings is run only by the 9 grahas. Coming back to the 12 houses, note that there are houses numbered from 1 to The 1st one is where the word Lagna or Ascendant or Asc or Lag is. Mark the remaining houses as 2 to 12 in a clockwise direction. When you reach 12 the next house is obviously the 1st house or where the ASC is. Each house deals with a group of activities or aspects of your life. The list of matters that pertain to any house is indeed quite long as you will soon come to know.

But thank GOD we are now going to discuss only the most important aspect of each house. Once you know the keywords that relate to each house the rest you will know automatically if you start applying our mind on it. Your possessions or those that you are possessive about — wealth, family, face.. The help you receive —your brothers, your arms, voice, ears, anything that helps you. Your fortunes you have in this life, father, education, master, guidance, God, religion.

The 2nd house, the 6th house and the 10th house deals with almost the same thing. I hope you got the point. These are called Trinal houses to each other in the group. The 1st house represents your body and everything that is done by your body. Since this house deals with the most precious thing in the world —your body it goes without saying that this is surely the most important house amongst the 12 houses. This house is directly related to your time of birth that makes your horoscope special or unique.

Obviously planets graha that occupy the 1st house has a great role to play because that planet is also rising with your Lagna. If Jupiter is in the 1st house it means the Jupiter in you is rising. That means you will be a natural teacher, guide, consultant and Guru. The 2nd house represents what happens after taking birth 1st house. As soon as you are born your 1st intention and perhaps the last one is to possess everything.

This possessiveness is very evident in children as they will rarely part with their toys. The habit continues for a life time. The 2nd house is the house of wealth and possession. So the 2nd house is also the house of family and all that we are possessive about. Usually a man is very possessive about his wife and children more than anything else. Also he will not easily part with this money.

We earn through our speech and hence speech is related to the 2nd house. If hot planets occupy the 2nd house hot and angry words flow out from the person quite often. The 2nd house is the house of vision eyes. Good eyes and a good speech are essential for earning your livelihood. The politicians speak a lot and that is where the maximum money with least effort is often seen. We cannot do much with what we possess unless we have all the supports in place. We need help and assistance from various people. In the first part of our life we need to be helped by our siblings brothers and sisters in case there is a fight with your neighbors or other intruders.

As you grow up you need servants, driver, maid, and a dog at home to assist you in safeguarding what you have earned and possessed. The 3rd house is the house of assistance. Examine the horoscope of a rich businessman and you will surely see that his 3rd house is beneficial and strong. If the 3rd house lord is in the 6th house your brothers or sisters are likely to be of no use to you or may even give you lot of trouble and anxieties.

The 6th house is the house of enemies. So your sibling may become your rival. The 3rd house is the house of communication. It rules your hands, your neck, ear, nose, throat. If the 3rd house lord is in the house of profession then you may be a great TV show performer or a journalist, or very good with electronics and communications.

This house deals with comforts. Vehicles are important aspects of our life without which our life will be less comfortable.

La description de ರಾಶಿ ಭವಿಷ್ಯ 12222 - Rashi Bhavishya 12222

Other things that is related to this house is the home appliances that we use to enjoy more comforts like the air conditioner, air conditioner, washing machine. A person with a strong and beneficial 4th house will enjoy all the comforts. This is the house of resting.

Actually there are only 4 houses. This 4 houses are repeated 3 times making it as 12 houses. So the 4th house is the last of the 1st set of 4 houses. Hence it the house of resting. This house deals with what you create. The bestseller of all things that each one of us may create are our children. The inability to produce children is considered as a great karmic defect. This shows up as a fault in the horoscope referred as Putra Dosha.

All faults can be rectified. If you become an Astrologer later on and if you identify a putradosha in a horoscope do not forget to tell them is wonder remedy: Sponsor an orphan child. If your client does that surely the dosha will be removed and there is a great chance of birth of children in this birth itself in some cases the effects will be felt only in the next birth though.

This house deals with all those that oppose you. Disease and ailments oppose your health and body. Loans oppose your wealth. Enemies give you trouble all the time. In fact nothing affects us as much as the matters of the 6th house. Of all the negative houses this one is the most challenging one. Planets placed in this house give unfavorable results during their ruling periods except planets like Rahu and Saturn. So if you have more planets in the 6th house more trouble in life is indicated.

Saturn in the 6th house indicates victory over enemy but you still have the enemies. Luckier are the people who do not have enemies and therefore do not have to win at all. This combination shows a natural instinct to fight. If the 10th house lord is in the 6th house then you will surely have greater income through a foreign land. This house deals with the other person. The reason is that the 1st house is you and the 7th house is bang opposite. The 7th house is in the opposite place on the horoscope.

So if you are a man the 7th house deals with the woman in your life and vice versa. If the 7th house is beneficially placed meaning good planets occupy the 7th house or if the 7th house lord is well placed and under the glance of good planets then you will have a happy marriage.

If the 7th house lord is in the 6th house then the person is prone to troubled marriage and this combination is often seen in cases of divorce or loss of money through court cases pertaining to marriage. The reason is 6th house means enemies and the 7th house means spouse, so if the 7th house lord is in the 6th house it means the spouse is your enemy. Of course it does not mean that such a person is destined to have a troubled marriage. Horoscope matching techniques will surely help the keep divorce away.

This house deals with surprises. May be good or bad. So success in gambling and inheritance that happens so suddenly is matters of the 8th house. Surgery is related to this house. During the ruling periods of planets placed in the 8th house a person may most probably have to be under the surgeons lights. Today surgery is a usually a savior. So there is nothing to worry about this. Battle in life is related to the 8th house. You may win or lose but there is a battle that you have to undergo.

So matters of longevity are always related to the 8th house. It is called the Ayush Sthana or the house that deals with life span. For example Jupiter in the 8th house is known to extend your life despite surgery, though several surgeries are needed to extend life. In ancient times before surgery came in the extension of life came about through other ways especially the grace of the divine. So prayers are a must during the period of planets in the 8th house.

This house deals with protection. Your first protection was your father. Your father is your first teacher and Guru. This house deals with the divine grace of God, religion, philosophy and knowledge. If this house is strong and good planets occupy this house the person rarely commits a crime. Even if he does, he repents soon and is prepared to face the consequences and rarely repeats the same crime.

Also such a person will find good teachers in school and college.

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They will respect and obey parents and teachers. This house deals with your profession. From the profession flows everything else. After the 1st house the most important house is the 10th house. The 1st house is you, your body, mind and soul put together. Without it there is no life. So the 1st house is important. But the 10th house is the purpose of this life. If Venus occupies the 10th house for example the purpose of life will be related to entertainment, design, graphic, cinema, and creativity.

If Mars occupies the 10th house the person will be in something that requires guts, energy, force, physical, daring deeds. So such a person may be a policeman, sportsman, a car racer, martial arts expert, or a marketing person armed with an MBA degree. This house deals with fulfillment of your desires. Whatever you desire is, it does not matter. So the 11th house means gain, money, your wish and everything related to your ambitions in life.

More the planets in this house the better it gets. If the 4th house lord related to property occupies the 11th house your desires related to land and property will be fulfilled either in the planetary period of the 4th house lord or the during the dasha of a planet that is well related to the 4th house or its lord. Similarly if the 7th house lord marriage occupies the 11t house your desires related to the opposite sex will also be fulfilled.

You will have a happy life. However if you desire more than 1 spouse then multiple marriages or affairs are also indicated. That is because the 11th house is the house of fulfillment of desires and if you desire the 7th house matters then you will have more of it. In India where the formula 1 man 1 woman is adopted in family life, the combination of the 7th house lord in the 11t house is considered as a defect.

This house deals with going away. If your money goes away it means that you are losing money. So the 12th house is the house of loss. When you go away to another nation or city leaving behind your kith and kin even that is some form of losing your people. Hence the 12th house also deals with going away to foreign countries. This house deals with going to jail or hospital. If many natural malefics occupy this house the person will travel to many foreign places almost wandering. In India this combination from ancient times was considered negative. Today foreign countries are economically richer than India, we cannot consider it as a negative combination.

But such people will not be very happy in a foreign land and they run the risk of heavy loss, imprisonment, high stress in a foreign land even though there is more wealth in foreign countries. So the effects of the planets is in someway fulfilled at all times. The politicians having malefics in the 12th house especially Saturn should avoid bribes and corruption as such planetary positions indicate imprisonment and loss of wealth, name and fame.

This does not mean that others may do such things because in the next life they will be born with malefics in the 12th house so that in the next life they will be punished. The Trines. Following are 4 sets of Trinal houses They are called trines. They have 4 houses lying between them. So the distance between them are equal.

Every box you see in your horoscope has a name. Imagine that is a space in the sky and it has been assigned a name. Aries is the 1st zodiac sign. Sun enter this Sign every year during Mid-April marking the beginning of Spring. The nature springs back to action. Now that you know the names of each sign in your horoscope, you should know which planet rules each of the 12 houses in your horoscope.

Imagine the 12 signs to be 12 pieces of land arranged in a circular manner. Every piece of land on Earth has an owner i. It does not matter whether the owner is occupying the land or not yet it belongs to that person. If a piece of land is empty it does not mean that it has no owner. Similarly each of the 12 signs is owned by a graha also referred as planets. There are 9 grahas but 12 houses. Therefore surely at least 3 houses will be empty for all of us.

If more planets occupy the same house there will be many houses that are empty. The following diagram lets you know the lords of each sign. This is applicable to all the horoscopes you will ever get to see. This rule applies to all the horoscopes in the world wherever you see one. From the above chart you can see that each of the graha or planets owns 2 signsexcept the Sun and the Moon. Sun owns just 1 sign and that is Leo. Moon owns Cancer. The 1st sign is Aries or Mesha Rasi which is ruled by Mars. The 2nd sign is ruled by Venus, the 3rd by Mercury, the 4th by Moon, the 5th by Sun, the 6th by Mercury and so on and you will note that Jupiter is the lord of the 12th sign that is called Pisces Meena.

In your horoscope the 1st house is where the Lagna or Ascendant is. Note that down and number it as 1 and then moving clockwise number from 2 to Let us assume that your Ascendant is in Leo Simha. So the 1st house lord in your case is Sun, the 2nd lord is Mercury and the 12th house lord is Moon. If you do not understand this do not go to the next step. This is the most important part of Indian Astrology.

So stay here until you get this right. So the 1st house in that case is ruled by Sun Ravi. The 2nd house is ruled by Mercury Budha and the 12th house is ruled by Moon Chandra. Refer the chart above.

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Take an empty chart and fill out the lords without referring to the above chart and see if you got it right. If the Lagna is Makara Capricorn the planet that owns the 5th house is Venus. Since Children are related to 5th house, Venus rules the matters pertaining to Children in case you are born in Makara Capricorn Lagna Ascendant. So if we want to know what is in store for children for a Makara Lagna person then by noting down the condition of Venus you can tell about his likely experiences with regard to children.

The 6th house is the house of debts, enemies and disease. If the lord of the 5th house is in the 6th children may be the most important concern in your life. Either they become your enemies, or they may have health problem or they may have financial problems. In India people having this combination have no sons male issues. That is because in India people worry a lot if they do not have sons. For those who do not worry about not having a son, then the worry may be that the children disobey them or the children are born physically or mentally handicapped. Hi Dilip, I just started showing interest in astrology and your description was enough to kick start my interest.

Thanks again. Dear Swaroop, thank you for you encouraging remarks. I am also on youtube search for E K Dhilip Kumar. I am plannng to do more videos. Let us together contribute to Vedic Astrology — get wiser. Hi Dhilip Kumar, Your article really helped me a lot. Found this at the right time and i am checking the videos out to learn more about it.

You have become my Guru through this article. Thanks a Lot. Hi Dhilip sir…. I have a doubt…do the planets influence a house, only if they are occupying it. I read somewhere that they also influence the houses to a great extent by aspect…please enlighten me sir…. Think of planets as though they are like human beings.

Human beings affect where they stay and where they look. If the planet is with some other planet it gets affected. If a planet occupies a particular star it gets affected. Astrology that way is more complicated than Chess. I just started to learn about astrology. Your way of teaching is excellent. Please continue………. Buy just 2 books. Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra Volume 1 and 2.

Then buy Bhrigu Sutra. Just start off with these 3 books. Join me on skype, I am planning to do online courses. Though I collect fees for the same, I let others join for free. Wish you all the best. Dear Sir, Your article is very informative, My lagana is Karkkidaka and I have rahu and moon in this first house and Ketu in the 7th house along with Jupiter and Saturn.

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Do I have Kalasarpadosha.? Please advise. A very useful site for beginners! What is the profession you suggest to her? Please guide as she is undecided and now going to class xi. Hi Mr. A very useful site and many thing to know about the basic of vedic astrology by you. Thank you for your work. From then on it is up to them. For those who want to consult Astrologers for free the best solution is that they should learn for themselves this science that is not too difficult to understand — at the basic level. However for more accuracy in readings you may have to spend a lifetime.

It is really fantastic great job. You have thoroughly simplified such vast subject for the benefit of a common man. Vedic Astrology is a great science and Mr. Raman Hope he needs no introduction took so much of effort and contributed to bring it as a degree course in some universities. As you rightly said CICO is very very important to give nearest accurate predictions. Also various inputs like lattitude, longitude, Ayanamsa, etc. According to Mr. Raman Refer his Predictive Astrology except the creator no one can predict exactly the future. He liked me a lot and we had a good relationship for about 5 years prior to his passing away.

He passed away on his Chandrashtama day around the end of December I was writing the monthly predictions Moon sign under the pen-name Utpala. Dr B V Raman introduced me to celebrities in Bangalore during a 3 days conference. His daughter Ms Gayatri Devi visited my office in Chennai.

Now it is up to people like you to take Astrology to greater heights. Thank you once again for your encouraging remarks. My details are. DOB — 01 Aug TIME — 11 09 am. Kind regards.. Mr Bobby Saxena. None other articles that I have read so far to learn Astrology gave me this much comfort level. Thanks on behalf of the entire visitors community who are benefitted with your articles!! How can I reach you sir? Please clarify. You can choose a package that fits your budget and also select the date and time of consultation.

Made astrology easily accessible to those interested. Very interesting science.

go to site I understand no two horoscopes are same. How it could be different when twins born in same lagna with a gap of about few minutes. Rasi Chart is the king and Navamsa is the queen.